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It took a long time for you to get here!

On page 13 you learned that water formed on the Earth about 3.8 Billion years ago. The first humans evolved about 4 Million years ago.

It took a long time for humans to spread over the earth and learn how to communicate with language and grow crops and eventually create villages and cities. Even after all that, lots of chance meetings had to happen before you could be born.

At some point in time, your great, great, great, great, great-grandparents had to meet and make the babies that turned out to be your great, great, great, great-grandparents.

Then your great, great, great-grandparents had to meet, to make your great, great, great-grandparents. They probably came from different countries and lots of chance happenings and happy accidents had to happen for them to meet and make your great, great-grandparents.

Then they had to meet and pass on their characteristics to the babies who became your great-grandparents. You may even know the stories about where they came from and how they met.

Your grandparents got their characteristics from them, then they met and your parents were born.

Then, your parents had you.

You are a little like your Mom and a little like your Dad, and a little like your grandparents and your great-grandparents. However, there has never, in all the history of the Universe, been anyone exactly like you.

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All the Ancestors

That is a very important thing to understand, so we will say it again: There has never, in all the history of the Universe, been anyone exactly like you.

Wow! Think about that...

If you have a mirror, go and look at yourself, and see what a Miracle looks like!

Now that you know the whole story of how you came to be here, you can look in the mirror every day and smile at yourself and say:

My name is ___________________(fill in your name).

I am a unique child of the Universe.
It is a miracle that I am here!
I am a miracle!

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